Online Access – Systmonline & NHS App


Login to Systmonline

Combe Coastal Practice are no longer promoting the use of SystmOnline and are instead advising all our patients to download the NHS App and use this instead. Existing users can still currently get access using the link above.


Login to NHS App

The NHS App has excellent support, with a dedicated helpdesk, as well as additional options like Patient Triage and notifications which are not available through SystmOnline.

It is easy to sign up to the NHS App by downloading it onto your phone or opening it on the web and working through the process to sign up. The quickest way to get access is to sign up using official photographic ID, however if this is not an option for you, you can email us (this must be done from the email account you used to sign up for the NHS App) on: [email protected] with your full name and DOB and we will send you over the 3rd party access details.

For full details on the NHS App please visit NHS App and your NHS account – NHS (

Patient Proxy

In some cases we allow access to another patients basic online access, for example, to order prescriptions for children, or if an adult requires you to assist them. In all cases a Proxy Consent Form will need to be completed and signed, and we may need to contact the patient to gain verbal consent where possible. Please see below information on child proxy access and the consent form.