Covid Spring Booster – Eligibility

We have had quite a few calls from patients who have not received a Covid spring booster invitation, but have done in the past and were expecting to be invited.

At this time the NHS have advised they are only offering the spring Covid booster to the following 3 groups:

1) Patients who are Immunosuppressed (some examples are patients currently undergoing chemotherapy/radiotherapy, Those who require long term immunosuppressive treatment for conditions including, but not limited to, SLE, RA, IBD (eg Crohn’s), scleroderma and psoriasis, Patients who have undergone solid organ, bone or stem transplant, Multiple myeloma, HIV or genetic disorders of affecting the immune system.)

Your GP records should list if you are currently immunosuppressed, in which case we will have sent you an invitation.

2) Anyone over the age of 75 this spring.

3) Anyone residing in a care home for the elderly.

Unfortunately we are unable to vaccinate anyone who does not meet this criteria, and will be running checks to ensure no one is booked in accidentally who doesn’t qualify.

Please note that if you have been listed previously as a high risk for Covid, unless this is for Immunosuppression, or you are over 75, you will most likely not be eligible currently for the spring booster.