Out of Area Re-Registrations

Please note that if you have been sent a letter and feel that your address is within our catchment area (see map below – area in yellow only is covered by Combe Coastal Practice) please do get in touch.

Please be aware that if you are planning to move back into the area soon, we will be happy to re-register you once you have moved, but you will need to register elsewhere in the meantime.

Please see the message below from our Practice Manager Matt Wills regarding the Out of area registration letters which are being sent to our patients residing outside our catchment area.

Many of our patients may have received letters in the last few weeks regarding the Out Of Area (OOA) care given by the Practice, this relates to patients who remain registered with us but who reside outside of our designated catchment area.   Whilst we try as hard as possible to give the best care to all of our patients we will not be able to continue to offer our services to those registered or living OOA. 

We realise that this will be of concern to many of our patients who have been registered with us for many years and have decided to move through choice or in some cases not.  However the Partners have made this difficult decision in order to try and maintain a high level of care for the communities within our catchment area and also to prepare for the predicted increase in patient numbers due to the local housing developments which are currently underway.

Managing OOA patients can significantly impact the care given especially when care at home and home visits forms such an important aspect, in addition OOA workload  adds a significant workload pressure and clinical risk for the registered GP trying to ensure you get the right treatment. Registering with a Practice within your catchment area also ensures that the supporting community services such as the District Nurses are aligned with the correct registered Practice therefore ensuring the care given is more seamless and integrated.  

We have started the process of informing all OOA patients of this process so you can have the time to re-register with your catchment surgery and have the time to develop those important relationships.