Request to change Gps

We do not encourage our patients to change GP without exceptional circumstances as we feel remaining with the same GP where possible provides better continuity of care. If you feel that you can not continue your care with your allocated GP, Please write or email us, for the attention of the management team, giving full details of why you wish to change GP and we will look into this for you.

Requests can often take a few weeks to action as we will need to discuss your request with your existing and potential new GP.  We also have salaried and trainee GPs at the practice who can see any patients, as they do not hold their own patient lists, and this is an option while you are waiting for an outcome from your request.

Please note we can not accommodate specific GP requests as each GP has a limited number of patients allowed on their books. We can therefore only change over to the specific GP who has their books open to accepot new patients at the time of the request. We also can not guarantee a female GP unless there is a exceptional reason for this and your current GP agrees with this.

We are starting new GP led woman’s health clinics, run by 2 female GPs for any woman’s health related issues our female patients may feel more comfortable seeing a female GP about.