Combe Coastal Update regarding the National Data Opt-Out

As you may be aware there is a lot of media attention and public uncertainty regarding what the National Data Opt out is and how you protect your data.  We updated our Website with the most relevant information to try and give you the correct information in order for you to make an informed choice.

There are 2 key Opt Out decisions patients need to consider, the first is the Type 1 Opt –out which is managed via the GP surgeries and the second is the National Type 2 Opt-Out which is managed by NHS Digital, this is not managed via us and will need to be actioned as per the instructions below.

If you already have Type 1 Opt-Out in place you will not need to resubmit the forms.

If you wish to Opt-Out of the Type 2 National Data collection you will need to do this via the links provided. This cannot be done at the Practice

Please be aware also that the Type 2 National Data Opt-Out deadline has been moved to the 1st September 2021 For full details and links to the Opt Out forms please go to: